• Dina Lorenza
  • Pitrawati Pitrawati
Keywords: Decision Support System, Driver, Weight Product.


Drivers are the most important part in a freight forwarding service company. The existence of the best quality drivers is one of the supporting factors that are very important in the development of the company. One good method of determining the best driver is to use the weight product method. Weight product method is a method of decision making using multiplication to link the value of criteria, where the value for each criterion must be raised with the weight of the criteria in question. This decision support system is one tool that can help decision making in determining the best computerized driver to be more effective and efficient. From calculations using the weight product method, it can be seen the best driver from the alternatives that exist in a company. The results showed the Weighted Product method in the Decision Support system (SPK) was very good in providing recommendations in determining the best driver to improve employee performance while the results of the analysis conducted by the HRD section obtained ratings based on ranking. The highest ranking is obtained by Anton Fatoni with a vector value of 0.06436 and is entitled to get a bonus from the Company


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