Jurnal Informasi dan Komputer 2019-12-17T03:55:28+00:00 Dwi Marisa Open Journal Systems <p>Jurnal <strong>JIK</strong> is a scientific journal published by STMIK Dian Cipta Cendikia Kotabumi, Indonesia. Jurnal <strong>JIK</strong> covers the field of <strong>informatics&nbsp; and Computer</strong>. First published in 2015 for a printed version and published online in 2018. The aims of Jurnal <strong>JIK</strong> are to disseminate research results and to improve the productivity of scientific publications. Jurnal <strong>JIK</strong> is published semiannual in april, september.&nbsp;</p> <p>Jurnal <strong>JIK</strong> is a scientific journal published by STMIK Dian Cipta Cendikia Kotabumi, Indonesia. Jurnal <strong>JIK</strong> covers the field of <strong>informatics&nbsp; and Computer</strong>. First published in 2015 for a printed version and published online in 2018. The aims of Jurnal <strong>JIK</strong> are to disseminate research results and to improve the productivity of scientific publications. Jurnal <strong>JIK</strong> is published semiannual in april, september.&nbsp;</p> SISTEM PENDUKUNG PENGAMBILAN KEPUTUSAN SELEKSI PENERIMAAN BERAS (RASKIN) MENGGUNAKAN METODE AHP Studi Kasus: Kelurahan Tanjung Harapan Kotabumi Lampung Utara 2019-11-08T07:42:03+00:00 Merri Parida Merina Merina <p><em>Raskin is one of the government assistance programs in the form of distributing rice to the poor so that they can meet their household needs. Sometimes Raskin distributes obstacles, constraints can be from the community or the officers themselves. The problem faced is that the assessment is still subjective. This is feared to cause inaccuracies in the assessment so that Raskin is not on target.</em></p> <p><em>Raskin distribution must be carried out well, transapreated and organized so that the Raskin received is right on target and truly the people in need. Therefore a decision support system is needed to assist officers in selecting citizens who are entitled to receive Raskin assistance based on predetermined criteria. The decision support system method used in this decision is the Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) method for processing the data. In designing this system used tools such as DFD and Flowchart while the system development method uses the waterfall method.</em></p> <p><em>The Raskin Recipient Selection Decision Support System in Tanjung Harapan Kotabumi Village using the Analytical Hirarchy Process (AHP) method makes it easy to process data and make decisions to determine families who are unable and eligible to receive Raskin assistance and make it easier to make Raskin recipient reports.</em></p> 2019-10-28T01:09:05+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## ANALISA INFRASTRUKTUR TEKNOLOGI INFORMASI MENGGUNAKAN FRAMEWORK COBIT 4.1 2019-10-28T01:32:11+00:00 Ngajiyanto Ngajiyanto Ema Utami <p><em>STMIK Dian Cipta Cendikia Kotabumi is one of the tertiary institutions operating in information technology, such as academic information systems, journal information systems and others, but at STMIK Dian Cipta Cendikia Kotabumi does not yet have an indicator that can state that the performance of information technology is in accordance with goals to be achieved. Then it is necessary to analyze information technology governance to find out whether the performance of information technology is now as expected by management or not.</em></p> <p><em>The method used in this research is descriptive analysis method with quantitative approach, that is research which is then processed and analyzed to draw conclusions, then research with quantitative descriptive method is a form of research based on data collected during research systematically about the facts and nature -the nature of the object under study by combining the relationships between the variables involved in it, then interpreted based on theories and literature that aims to provide a fairly clear picture of the problem under study, and the data will be calculated statistically.</em></p> <p><em>Based on maturity level maturity level analysis in DS11 domain, it is found that maturity level is at level 4-Defined level, for DS12 domain it is found that maturity level is at level 4 - Defined leve, and at ME01 domain it is found that maturity level is at Level: 4 - Defined level.</em></p> 2019-10-28T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## MODEL PENGAMBILAN KEPUTUSAN PENERIMA BANTUAN RASKIN MENGUNAKAN METODE WEIGHTED PRODUCT (WP) DAN TOPSIS 2019-12-17T03:55:28+00:00 Rustam Rustam Dr Rz.Abdul Aziz <p>This study aims to determine the steps or models of the WP method and the Topsis method</p> <p>&nbsp;and compare the results of the analysis of the two methods, This study aims to determine the steps or models of the WP method and the Topsis method.</p> <p>Low labor absorption and inadequate human resource capabilities make people's lives below the poverty line. Government efforts by launching various types of aid do not make poverty levels reduced. Some contributing factors include the provision of assistance that is not on target and the criteria used as a basis for assessments are not maximal. he selection of methods must be appropriate to anticipate errors in the data to be used. The Weighted Product (WP) method and Technique for Order Preference by Similarity to Ideal Solution (TOPSIS) part of Multi-Attribute Decision Making (MADM) are used to rank all alternatives of predetermined criteria and sub-criteria. The implementation of the two methods for the ten alternatives (Way of Pengubuan Central Lampung Subdistrict) turned out to give very good results. the calculation results of these two methods are different then it is concluded that the best results are Topsis with a value: 0.070137683</p> 2019-10-28T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## AUDIT SISTEM INFORMASI PELAYANAN PERPUSTAKAAN MENGGUNAKAN FRAMEWORK COBIT 5.0 2019-10-28T01:16:25+00:00 Dwi Marisa Efendi Sigit Mintoro Iin Septiana <p>The library service audit that is used is based on the COBIT 5.0 Framework because it focuses on service and service requests.&nbsp; Kotabumi DCC STMIK library service audit stages include the determination of audit objectives, identification of library services with the Framework, Capabily level analysis, testing control and evidence with a capabily level, verifying results, and compiling reports on audit results and recommendations.&nbsp; Audits conducted for library services focus on the DSS01 and DSS02 Process Domains.</p> <p>The measurement results of 2.5 due to the value rounding index, the results are at level 3 (established process) that is currently the process in each domain process has been identified and well standardized so that the library service system is stable to be implemented, while the expected level is at level 4&nbsp; resulting in a gap of 1.5.&nbsp; To be able to overcome the existing gap, a recommendation is made that is to maximize the alignment of the Company's Library Operational Standards (SOP) with applicable policies.</p> 2019-10-28T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## PENENTUAN PENERIMA BEASISWA DENGAN ALGORITMA FUZZY C-MEANS 2019-10-28T01:18:34+00:00 Muhardi Muhardi <p>Scholarships are gifts in the form of financial assistance given to individuals who aim to be used for the continuity of the education being pursued. Determination of scholarships can be grouped based on the criteria for a Grade Point Average (GPA), income of parents, dependents of parents and student achievements in the scholarship recruitment process.</p> <p>Fuzzy C-Means algorithm is an easy and often used algorithm in grouping data because it makes an estimate that is efficient and does not require many parameters. Several studies have concluded that the Fuzzy C-Means method can be used to group data based on certain attributes.</p> <p>The application of Fuzzy C-Means algorithm in determining scholarships is grouped into three clusters namely receiving, being considered and not entitled to receive scholarships, data collection is 75 student data obtained by three clusters based on the average value of scholarship determination then each cluster is classified based on which criteria are prioritized with the largest value at the end of the distance is a cluster that receives scholarships, while the cluster with the smallest value is a cluster that is not entitled to receive scholarships.</p> 2019-10-28T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## PEREKRUTAN DOSEN TETAP DAN TIDAK TETAP DI UNIVERSITAS MENGGUNAKAN METODE ANALYTICAL HIERARCHY PROCESS (AHP) 2019-10-28T02:14:34+00:00 Darsin Darsin Muhardi Muhardi <p>The Megow Pak Tulang Bawang University is a private tertiary institution which was established in 2006. With a location in one of the districts in Lampung Province pprecisely in Tulang Bawang Regency. The selection process for the megou Pak Tulang Bawang University is still done manually. is reguired decision support system in order to increase the effectiveness of decision making and reduce subjectivity in the decision making process. One of them is the AHP (Analytical Hierarchy Process) method. The criteria used for the selection process of permanent lecturers and non-permanent lecturers are GPA, TPA (Academic Potential Test), TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language), Microteaching, and Interview. The AHP (Analytical Hierarchy Process) method is often used because this decision support method will elaborate multi-factor or complex multi-criteria problems into a hierarchy. By using AHP method, lecturer recruitment becomes more effective, selective, and integrated in the effort to find qualified and permanent lecturers at Megou Pak Tulang Bawang University.</p> 2019-10-28T01:20:10+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## DATA MINING UNTUK MENENTUKAN PRODUK TERLARIS MENGGUNAKAN METODE NAIVE BAYES 2019-10-31T08:50:25+00:00 Sidik Rahmatullah Mukrim Mukrim Monica Nindy Pramitha <p>PT. Cipta Niaga Semesta is one of the companies part of the Mayora group which is engaged in the distribution of food and soft drink products that gradually increase the number of sales of the products they need. To help this company become more sophisticated, a system that will help the business advance in choosing product sales, so that sought to conduct a study of the product data of PT. Cipta Niaga Semesta Supporting Branches using the Naive Bayes Classifier method In this study the authors used the data analysis method of interviews (interviews), Observation methods, Documentation methods and Literature studies as well as system development methods using the Waterfall Method. 2010. The best-selling product application built using the Naive Bayes Classifier method provides product data, Naive Bayes clusters and reporting. Data Mining To Determine the Best Selling Products Using the Naive Bayes Method at PT. Cipta Niaga Semesta Kotabumi Sub Branch helps in the classification system on best-selling products and helps the Head of Operational Supervisory Area (AOS) of PT. CiptaNiagaSemestaSub Branch Kotabumi in the selection of best-selling products. This system produces a selection of best-selling products with 8 attributes taken from sales data for the past 2 years.</p> 2019-10-24T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## RANCANG BANGUN METODE PEMBELAJARAN ANAK USIA DINI BERBASIS ANDROID 2019-10-28T02:00:55+00:00 Sigit Mintoro Kurniawati Kurniawati Muhammad Rudini <p><em>Preschool plays a major role in supporting the growth and development of Early Childhood. One alternative to support increased learning is to use the facilities of Android mobile devices that are given by parents so that they can be used positively and improve children's motor skills. Therefore, an Android-based learning application was made for early childhood. The method used in making the application is Waterfall by using UNITY3D as a basic programming, and Android SDK (Software Development Kit) and JDK (Java Development Kit) as a tool to change the system into an APK (Application Package) that can be run on an android device . The result is an application that can help children understand basic material and increase the interest in learning that is innovative and interesting for early childhood and the use of more positive android facilities.</em></p> 2019-10-24T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## ALGORITMA C4.5 UNTUK KLASIFIKASI PEMILIHAN CALON KETUA RW 2019-10-28T02:06:08+00:00 Erlin Elisa Rika Harman <p><em>Indonesia is a country that upholds democracy in its government. One form of democracy in Indonesia is to hold an election (General Election) once every five years. Elections are not only carried out at the central government but also to the regional government and even the government where we live. The existence of community institutions aims to accelerate an orderly, safe and prosperous community. This research was conducted to classify the criteria for the selection of candidates for RW (Rukun Warga) candidates in an area in the city of Batam, the problem that has occurred so far is the process of selecting or determining prospective RW heads. which must be used as a basis for determining candidates, as well as voters do not know clearly who is elected or may vote on the basis of just knowing the candidate, so that the actual purpose of voting for the RW chairman is not achieved. In the selection of citizen participation is very necessary but not all residents participate in this event, of course this raises problems after the vote, many of the residents who do not know who the RW is chosen to do not know the background of the leader in their housing, besides the candidates RW chairman did not conduct a comprehensive socialization of the future vision and mission in community development, this situation led to complaints from the community such as when making an election they did not vote based on good criteria to be the deputy leader where they lived. Based on the above problems, the researcher will use a data lamination technique with C4.5 algorithm which aims to classify the criteria of prospective RW heads so that they can make decisions about the determination of RW candidates. Based on the results of the C4.5 calculation by applying the decision tree criteria expected by the community to become the candidate for RW leader who will be chosen with the highest gain value is to have a vision and mission as a candidate, have a level of solidarity with the proud and have a good leadership spirit.</em></p> 2019-10-24T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## IMPLEMENTASI KRIPTOGRAFI BERBASIS CAESAR CHIPER UNTUK KEAMANAN DATA 2019-10-31T08:45:47+00:00 Rindy Febrianingsih Aliy Hafiz <p><em>Cryptography is a part of science that studies about how to keep data or messages safe. Technical cryptographic algorithms consist of substitution and transposition of data. cryptographic techniques can be used to deal with leakage problems in data or information, because cryptography uses mathematical formulas, ranging from simple formulas to complex formulas. In this study caesarean cipher algorithm was used. Caesarean cipher algorithm is included in classical cryptography which has a symmetrical key. From the results of this study it can be concluded that the caesarean cipher algorithm can help in securing data so that data leakage can be minimized</em></p> 2019-10-24T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## REKAYASA PERANGKAT LUNAK GUNA MENENTUKAN PENYAKIT TANAMAN PADI DENGAN METODE FUZZY MAMDANI 2019-11-02T06:07:36+00:00 Muhamad Abor Pitrawati Pitrawati <p><em>Indonesia is one of the countries that have a population with a livelihood as farmer or farming. One of the main agricultural products is rice. Rice is the basic needs of Indonesian people, so the government is obliged to guarantee the availability of food with availability rice. One of the factors causing the disruption of rice availability in farmer is the rice plant disease. Lack of information on handling the disease and the limited strategy causes the problem can not be solved optimally.</em></p> <p><em>This study discusses the development of software to overcome the rice plant diseases using Fuzzy Mamdani method. The system development method used is extreme programming. System development tools use Unified Modeling Language with design tools consisting of Usecase, Activity Diagram and Class Diagram. The reasoning method which used is fuzzy mamdani.</em></p> <p><em>This research produces an application which can overcome the rice plant disease by identifying 6 types of diseases with 22 symptom. The test which is carried out shows that the application has been successfully run in accordance with each test class and the list of provided tests</em></p> <p><em>Keywords: Software Engineering, The Rice Plant Disease, Fuzzy Mamdani Method</em></p> 2019-10-24T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## SISTEM PENDUKUNG KEPUTUSAN CALON PENERIMA BANTUAN PROGRAM KELUARGA HARAPAN (PKH) MENGGUNAKAN METODE ANALYTICAL HIERARCY PROCESS (AHP) 2019-10-24T17:15:00+00:00 Bambang Suprapto Ahmad Sujoni <p><em>Poverty is a complex problem that can be caused by various factors such as: economic factors, sociological factors, anthropological factors, policy, technology and global changes. Poverty also has implications for education, health, economic capacity, and community participation in a country. In Indonesia the Indonesian Conditional Cash Transfer Program or commonly referred to as PKH is present as one of the solutions for the state to be present to help the poor and become one of the stages towards a social protection system. According to the Ministry of Social Affairs, Program </em><em>Keluarga Harapan </em><em>(PKH) is a conditional assistance program for Poor Families (KM) which is designated as a beneficiary family (PKH). In international terms it is known as Conditional Cash Transfers (CCT).</em></p> <p><em>To assist the PKH companion in processing </em><em>the </em><em>data in the process of selecting recipients of </em><em>the Program Keluarga Harapan</em><em>, the researcher used the Analytical Hier</em><em>arch</em><em>y Process (AHP) method which will be calculated using the Microsoft Excel 2010 application program and will be input into the web programing application to facilitate the calculation.</em></p> <p><em>The determination of the criteria included 9 criteria, each criterion has 3 sub-criteria, namely: Cellphone Ownership, Work, Income, Residence Status, Floor Type, House Condition, Latrine Facilities, Education, Neighbor Interviews. The result of this study was expected to be able to assist and facilitate the PKH companion in the process of selecting recipients of the Program Keluarga Harapan &nbsp;assistance in Pesawaran Regency, Lampung Province.</em></p> 2019-10-24T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## MEMBANGUN SISTEM INFORMASI PENGOLAHAN DATA TABUNGAN SISWA BERBASIS WEB 2019-10-24T17:17:03+00:00 Dewi Triyanti Tendi Dermawan <p><em>The use of information technology by an organization can accelerate the access of information, the accuracy of access to information, the timeliness of presentation and produce accurate information and can provide effective and efficient services, web-based information systems are systems that are often used by agencies or organizations to convey information - information.</em></p> <p><em>In making a web-based system, researchers used the Web Development Life Cycle (WDLC) method, where in the design phase it used a Use case Diagram, Class Diagram, Activity Diagram and Structural Table. Then the software or software used is Xampp, MySQL, Adobe Photoshop CS, SablimText.</em></p> <p><em>The results of this study are to provide a solution to Islamic Nurul Iman Vocational School to replace the system that is still manual to a web-based system, so that by using this website it will be easier to handle savings transactions, search for savings data, enter deposit transaction data with a large number of transactions, minimize lost the student savings book, with this system also the students or parents can transfer to the school account as stated in the savings system, and also the student's parents can see the history / amount of the child's savings balance.</em></p> 2019-10-24T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## RANCANG BANGUN APLIKASI PEMBAYARAN PAJAK KENDARAAN BERMOTOR (STUDI KASUS: BIRO JASA XYZ) 2019-10-24T17:18:53+00:00 Tinaliah Tinaliah Triana Elizabeth <p><em>Biro jasa XYZ merupakan biro jasa yang menyediakan jasa pelayanan pembayaran pajak kendaraan bermotor, berlokasi di Jalan Kemang Manis Palembang. Selama ini untuk proses transaksi pembayaran pajak kendaraan bermotor, biro jasa XYZ masih menggunakan sistem pencatatan dengan menggunakan buku untuk setiap transaksinya, sehingga sulit sekali dilakukan pengecekan kapan pelanggan tersebut harus melakukan tanggal pembayaran pajak tahun berikutnya ataupun history transaksi pembayaran. Oleh sebab itu, diperlukan sebuah aplikasi yang dapat membantu pelanggan dalam hal menghemat waktu dalam hal membayar tagihan pajak kendaraan bermotor, dan mengingatkan wajib pajak tentang tanggal jatuh tempo pembayaran pajak dan jumlah tagihan pajak yang harus dibayar melalui SMS Gateway. Metodologi yang digunakan dalam penelitian ini adalah metode iteratif. Aplikasi dibuat dengan bahasa pemrograman Java, dan MySQL sebagai basis data. Berdasarkan hasil pengujian aplikasi dan wawancara dengan&nbsp; pelanggan biro jasa XYZ, dapat disimpulkan bahwa aplikasi yang dibuat membantu pelanggan untuk lebih mudah dalam melakukan pembayaran pajak kendaraan bermotor</em></p> 2019-10-24T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## PENGUKURAN KUALITAS SISTEM KRS ONLINE MENGGUNAKAN METODE WEBQUAL 2019-10-25T04:38:28+00:00 Dafid Dafid <p><em>Various innovations are carried out by a university to improve academic services for its students.</em><em> Utilization of information systems is common. STMIK XYZ has implemented an information system in terms of filling KRS online with the name Prisma online. The existence of the system used must be ensured the quality of services so that the services provided are always in optimal conditions. To measure the quality of Prisma online in this study used the WebQual 4.0 method, which is measured based on the perception of students of some predetermined indicators. Data collection was carried out by conducting a questionnaire on the students of STMIK XYZ Palembang filled using Google Forms. Testing variables related to the quality dimension is done by using multiple linear regression analysis. The results of this study indicate that there is a significant positive correlation for the variable Usability (U) and Information (I) to the Satisfaction (S) variable with a value of 0.5 &lt;kk ≤ 0.8, while for variables A and S show a positive correlation high or strong with a value of 0.6 &lt;kk ≤ 0.8.</em></p> 2019-10-24T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## AUDIT TATA KELOLA SENAYAN LIBRARY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (SLIMS) MENGGUNAKAN FRAMEWORK COBIT 5.0 2019-10-24T17:22:42+00:00 Ferly Ardhy Asep Afandi Septi Nur Handayani <p><em>Senayan Library Management System (SLiMS) is a web-based Open Source library management system software. SLiMS Governance requires an audit activity to measure the current Capability Leve and provide recommendations for the improvement process for the future in the SMAN 1 Abung Semuli Library.</em></p> <p><em>The method is COBIT 5.0 Framework because it focuses on business goals and is a technical and managerial tool. The audit conducted for SLiMS Governance focuses on Domain Processes EDM2, EDM3, APO4, BAI2, DSS4 and MEA1.</em><em>&nbsp;</em><em>The measurement results are 2.54 due to the rounding index value, the results are at level 3 (Established Process), which is that the governance process at each Domain Process has been well defined and standardized so that the SLiMS system is stable to be implemented, while the expected level is at level 4 so that a gap of 1.45 occurs. To be able to overcome the existing gap, a recommendation is made to maximize the alignment of the Library Governance SOP with the applicable policies</em></p> 2019-10-24T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## SISTEM PENDUKUNG KEPUTUSAN PENENTUAN PENERIMAAN BEASISWA BERBASIS WEB PADA SMK NEGERI 1 TALANGPADANG MENGGUNAKAN METODE Analytical Hieararchy Process (AHP) 2019-10-30T01:15:24+00:00 Rima Mawarn Meri Parida <p><em>Processing of scholarship data in SMK 1 Talangpadang generally still uses Microsoft Excel, while for data processing takes a long time. The problem that often arises is the scattering of the file for distributing scholarship receipts every year. This scholarship consists of Academic Achievement, Non Academic Achievement, Personality, Mileage, Report Card, Organizations, Dependent Parents, Parent's Income, and Parent's Status.</em></p> <p><em>The method used in this study is the Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) Method found by Thomas L. Saaty. AHP can also help in determining several criteria by using a different analysis from each of the specified sources.</em></p> 2019-10-24T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement##